Friday, November 30, 2012

Lots of holidays

Last month Mom made me six new pairs of pants.  Mom likes them because they don't fall off my bum and they aren't so short they show my legs.  I like them because Mom let me pick what patches to put on my pants.  I have pants with a guitar, a firetruck, a horse and a fish, and some other things.  Now that it is getting colder outside, I wear long pants every day and I like being warm.

We put up our Christmas tree a couple of days ago.  I went with Mom and Grandma to get some decorations and I picked out jingle bells and drums for the tree.  Mom made me wait until Dad got home before we could put up the tree and put the decorations on it.  I like to tell everybody that I put instruments on the tree.  I know all sorts of big words now and that one is one of my favorite.  Dad taught it to me.  When Mom asks me which instruments are on the tree, I tell her "drums".

Sometimes I like to help Mom sew.  I sit on her lap and try to push the button.  She tells me I can't push it until she tells me too, but sometimes I push it anyway.  I also like to try to give her pins, but she doesn't like me to do that job and tries to move the pins where I can't get them.  Sewing is fun to do with Mom.

I am really good at sharing with my sister.  If somebody gives us candy, I get two and give one to Sage.  I give Sage her blanket or teddy bear when she is sad.  When Mom gets our cups of milk at bedtime, I take Sage's cup to her.  I am a very good brother.  Mom asks me if I am going to be a good brother when we have our new baby and I tell her that I will be.  Mom says there's a baby in her tummy and sometimes when we go to the doctor I get to hear the baby.  But I don't know if it's really in there.

My favorite colors used to be orange and pink, and I would always want to eat on those colors of plates.  Now I think my favorites are blue and pink.

Halloween was so much fun this year.  I dressed up as Superman and we went and rang doorbells and got lots of candy.  Sometimes I didn't even have to say "trick-or-treat".  I just grabbed the candy.  I still like to talk about Halloween.  Sometimes when I want candy I tell Mom that it's Halloween today, but she doesn't believe me and doesn't give me more candy.  Mom says we also had Thanksgiving holiday, but that one wasn't as fun.  We went to grandma's for dinner, which we do sometimes anyway for dinner, and I got to eat turkey (I really like turkey), but there was no candy so I didn't like it as much.

I am getting really good at singing songs.  Most of the time when Mom sings me songs I sing along.  I also sing really well at daycare.  My favorite songs right now are the lion song and the child of God song.  I always want to sing those songs before bedtime.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


I keep getting bigger and taller.  Mom said I needed a new jacket, because my other one was too small.  I helped Mom pick out a jacket at the store.  It is black and really soft.  I really like it.  I helped her pick out a new jacket for Sage, too.  She also says I will need shoes again soon and pants.  All summer I have been wearing shorts, because they don't fall off of my skinny waist as much as other pants do, but now it's getting cold outside.  Mom doesn't let me wear shorts as much.  She says she will make me some pants soon that won't fall off of my bum.  I hope she hurries.  I don't like it when my pants fall down.  I also don't like tags in my clothes or on my toys.  When I feel a tag in my underpants I go to where the scissors are in the drawer and tell Mom "take off tag".  She cuts it off and then it doesn't itch anymore.

Sometimes I get really sad and I cry a lot.  I tell Mom "I crying".  She says "I know.  Why are you sad?"  I can't tell her all the time, and she tells me it's because I'm tired.  I don't think so.  I keep playing with toys or I eat a snack and then I tell Mom I'm tired and I go to bed or take a nap.  Then I feel better and I don't cry as much.

Almost every day when Mom brings us home from daycare, we get to go outside and play.  I get on my motorcycle and ride to the playground where the other kids are usually playing.  Sometimes they play football and I run and play with them.  When nobody else is at the playground I go down the slide or ride my motorcycle more.  Sometimes I tease Mom and I go to the very edge of the sidewalk and put one foot on the road and look at Mom.  I know she's gonna tell me not to go in the road and to come back on the sidewalk.  I don't actually go in the road, but I like to tease Mom like that.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toilets and trains

I am so good about going pee and poop in the toilet now.  I don't even need Mom to remind me or ask me.  I just tell Mom and then I run into the bathroom.  I sometimes have trouble pulling my undies back up all the way, so Mommy helps me.  Other than that, I do it on my own, though.

My favorite words lately are colors and numbers.  I like to count things I see and count the things in books.  I also like to say the colors of things.  It's so fun to learn new things.  I can't wait to learn more.

Grandma gave me a train and tracks.  I put the train tracks together by myself and drive the trains on them.  It is my favorite toy.  When we are driving in the car, I like to tell Mom every time I see train tracks.  Sometimes I hear the train when we go outside or when I am in my bedroom.  It is so much fun.  I also really like to see airplanes and helicopters.  I love the bathtub.  Every day I tell Mom when I want to take a bath.  I get to play with my boat in the bathtub.  Whenever I see a boat I tell Mom it's time to take a bath.

I am a really good helper.  I help Mom put laundry in the washer and dryer.  I put dishes in the sink and sometimes in the dishwasher.  Every evening I help Mom, Dad, and Sage clean up the toys and I sing the clean up song.  I also know where to put my shoes away and where to put Sage's shoes when we come home.  When we go to the store and the cashier gives me a sucker for a treat, I get two and give one to Sage.  I am a really good brother.  I gives toys to Sage when Mom asks me to (well, most of the time), and I tackle her and make her laugh.  We have so much fun, but I sometimes don't like it when she grabs the toys I like to play with, like my train.  I like to give Sage her milk cup or her blanket when I find them, too.  I like my little sister, but when Daddy asks me if I want a brother or another sister, I say "brother".

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tires & Courtney's House

Last Sunday we were driving to Grandma's house and we stopped because we had a flat tired.  Mommy and Daddy got out of the car and played around outside until there was a new tire on the car.  I thought it was so awesome.  I told everybody about the new tire.  The next day we got to to go to a store and there were tires all over the place.  I pointed out the new tires to everyone.  I told everyone at daycare about the new tires on the van.  It was so exciting.  Then, when I played with cars and trucks, I would point out the tires on all of my toys and say that my toys had new tires.  I really like tires.

I now get to go to Courtney's house most days.  It is lots of fun.  I get to play with a lot of kids.  Then we have snacks, sing songs, read books, have lunch, take naps, and then (my favorite part) Courtney does my hair so I look good and my mommy comes to pick me and Sage up.  I really like being able to play with other kids and eating lunch with the kids.  When the other kids go potty, I go potty, too, so I hardly ever have accidents when I am at Courtney's house.

On the weekends I still get to stay home and play with Mom and Dad and Sage.  On these days, Mom frequently makes my favorite breakfast (pancakes) and Mom likes to take me to the park or to my cousins' house

I went to the doctor with Mom this week, too.  Usually the doctors want to look at e or Sage, but this time the doctor looked at Mom.  He used a machine that when put on Mommy's tummy made a funny sound.  Mom said it was my baby's heartbeat.  I don't know what that means, but when we went to Grandma's I told her that my baby makes noise.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Fun

Here's some things I have been doing this summer:
 At the zoo with Daddy.
 Playing with great-Grandma
At the zoo, again, with my cousin.

I really miss playing with other kids more often.  Mom tells me that soon I get to go to Courtney's house to play and I am really excited.  I like playing with Mom, Dad, and Sage, but I don't get to play very much with other kids my size.  Sometimes we play together on the playground, but not enough.

I like to tell everybody that we are going to have another baby.  Dad says that there's a baby in Mom's tummy and that's what I tell people sometimes, but I don't know if I believe him.  Mom looks the same.  For a while Mom was always saying that she feels sick.  She would lay down in bed more and sometimes go in the bathroom and sit on the floor until she felt better.  Now when I want to snuggle with Mom more I say that I am sick and I rub my tummy.  She gives me a hug and tells me maybe I should eat something.  Mom doesn't say that anymore, though.  I am glad that Mom wants to play more with me now.

For a while, I didn't really like going potty in the toilet.  It just seemed like a lot of work.  So I sometimes went pee in my underpants.  I didn't like that, either, and Mom helped me fix it and go potty on the toilet again.  Because I didn't like that very much, I started going potty in the toilet most of the time again.  Mom seems a lot happier about it.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Sometimes I like to do things backwards.  I like to climb up the stairs backwards.  (But I always hold on to the rail so I don't fall.)  Sometimes I like to sit on the toilet backwards when I go potty.  Mom tells me I am silly when I like to do things backwards.

I also like to jump.  I especially like to jump off really tall things when my daddy is there to catch me.  Mom doesn't play that game as good as daddy.  I jump off the couch and land on my feet.  I jump off the curb when I get into the car.  I jump on the floor when I dance.

I also like to go to work.  Mommy goes to work and locks me out of her bedroom.  Sometimes she lets me come in and I go to work with her.  She types on the computer and I watch her and sometimes eat some crackers or cheese.  Sometimes I sit on her bed and I work by watching Mickey Mouse.  It's really fun to go to work.  I can see why Mom does it all the time.

Mom keeps telling me that Sage's birthday is coming up.  I think it should be my birthday so I tell mom that it is my birthday and we need to have a party.  Mom tells me that my birthday is in February.  I think that must be really soon.  I am excited.

It is so hot outside right now.  I can't go on the slide in the afternoon, because it is too hot to play on the playground.  Instead, we read books inside and we play with toys like basketball and cars.  I also ride my motorcycle inside a lot.  I only get to take it outside when we play in the morning.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Mom calls me her little monkey.  It's because I'm always climbing on things.  For example, after I go potty I climb up the sink to wash my hands, even if I don't have my stool.  I can even get a drink out of the sink the same way Daddy does by climbing up and drinking right out of the faucet.

I climb on all sorts of things.  I am really good a getting into lots of places.  I can get into the fridge.  I can climb up into the car.  I can get up on all sorts of furniture.  I am also learning how to get past some of the barriers Mom put up.  For example, if she puts the white child lock on my door to keep me in my room during my nap, I can bang it really hard and it will come off.  If I want to go up the stairs to find Mom when she shut the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, I can sometimes shove the gate open.  I know to close the gate behind me, though, so Sage doesn't go up.

I am having so much fun with Mom and Dad this summer.  My favorite is to go see the polar bear at the zoo.
I have a toy polar bear that I like to bring with  me everywhere now.  I also make sure he is in bed with me when I go to sleep.  We sometimes go swimming or outside to ride motorcycles.  Last week I got to play with the kids in the water.  I didn't have my swimming suit on, so Mom just took off my shoes and my shirt and I played in my pants.

I am getting really good at counting.  I say:  one, two, twee, four, ive, ix, stebben, eight, nine, ten, weven, twev, thirteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen, fourteen".  I like to count so much sometimes I point to the same things and keep counting them with bigger numbers.  I am so good with my numbers that sometimes I ask Mom for two pickles or three potty treats.